Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick Weekend Getaway

This weekend, we decided to make a quick trip down to the ranch to hunt.  We thought it would be fun to take Emily since she likes to hunt with us now.  Even though it was about 28° in the mornings when we went out to hunt, she was such a trooper!  We got her some coveralls and had her bundled so warm.  We woke up about an hour later than we had planned on Saturday because my watch alarm didn't go off, so needless to say, we were late getting to our deer stands.  After the morning hunt, Jarrod wanted to go walk around, so Emmy and I went to the Llano Roadhouse Grill to have breakfast.
They have the BEST breakfast burritos in the world!  I seriously CRAVE these things!  The thing that stinks is, they are not open on Sundays when we are always leaving to head home.  Luckily we got to enjoy them this trip.  Emily ordered chocolate milk, and this is what she got!  It would have taken her 3 days to drink all that!
Emily hunted with Jarrod Saturday evening, and was with him when he killed a doe.  She did awesome when he shot and was SO excited about Daddy's deer!  Saturday evening after we hunted, Emily chose pizza for dinner.  We headed back into town and ate at Stonewall's Pizza, Wings & Things.  It was yummy and we definitely ate too much, but we had fun.  Here's a pic of Jarrod and Emily at dinner.  This girl LOVES her Daddy!
Sunday morning, Emily went hunting with me since she had gone with Jarrod both times on Saturday.  We had REALLY thick fog and couldn't even see the feeder, so Emily played on her Leapster (a must have if you are taking a 5-year old hunting) and we waited it out until about 8:30 a.m. with no luck.  We still couldn't see, so we headed in to pack and go home.
This little deer hunter was a TIRED girl...she racked out about an hour into the trip for a little while, but woke up later and was as chatty as ever! 
We had such a fun weekend with just our big girl.  And we are so thankful that we live close to family who's willing to keep Alli while we do fun things with Emily.  Alli stayed with Nana and PawPaw and had SO much fun!

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Looks like alot of fun!