Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blog Slacker

It has been brought to my attention that I am a bit of a slacker with my blog. Things have just been so busy lately and even though I dedicate plenty of time to Facebook every day, I just haven't taken the time to update my blog. Jarrod decided to take nine hours in Summer session I, so that was a bit of a challenge for all of us, but he's relieved that it's pretty much over...with the exception of one project. Even though I don't get a summer vacation, it's nice that Jarrod's time is more flexible and it gives me a little bit of a break in the mornings and stuff.

Emily has been playing T-ball with Upward and is having an absolute blast!!! I am having some internet/network issues with our desktop so I can't post the t-ball pics right now, but I will later. She plays hard and we are so proud of her! After the games, they all get star stickers for different things like best on offense, best effort, etc. The BIG GOLD star is the one for "Most Christ-like" and Emily got that sticker after the first game because she was a good team player and an overall sweet girl. It's so much fun to see her excitement when we go to games on Saturday mornings. Jarrod is at a Rangers game tonight, and Emily asked if we could watch the game on she sees the pitcher warming up and started mocking him in our living room. Daddy would have been proud!

Emily also started taking swim lessons this week from a sweet lady that has 4 kiddos in each class. She was SOOOO excited Monday evening to go to swim lessons and had an absolute blast! Parents are not allowed to stay and watch, so that Ms. Joy is able to have their undivided attention, but we get to go to a show-and-tell next Thursday. I can't wait to see what she has learned!

Allison is completely on the move now...crawling and cruising everywhere. She can stand on her own, but doesn't do it a whole lot right now. She has two bottom teeth and still is pretty much bald. She has a little bit of fuzz, but hair is not looking too promising. She is the sweetest baby in the world! She is so different from her big sister in many ways though...Emily never put stuff in her mouth, Allison puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. We really have to be on top of our game with watching Alli. Emily was a very picky eater, but you put anything in Alli's mouth and she is in heaven. It's so great how well their personalities complement each other. Em LOVES to harass her little sister and Alli pretty much just lets her do whatever, within reason. Every now and then, Allison will yell at her though! It's going to be funny when they get older because Allison seems like the sweet quiet one that will blow up when she is agitated enough. We shall see!

Well, that's about all the excitement in our lives right now. I have changed my routine a little and have been trying to get in a routine of going to the gym and working out in the mornings at 5:15. I am not really a morning person, and although the first 10 minutes when my alarm goes off stinks pretty bad, I feel great when I go work out in the mornings. And surprisingly enough, it helps me stay on schedule much better than sleeping in! Jarrod and I have plans to start doing P90X soon, so we will see how that goes! OK, off to bed so I can wake up at 4:45!