Sunday, December 6, 2009

Makeshift Sled

So I have a creative 5-year old and a brave 15-month old ;) Emily and Allison decided it would be fun to turn Emily's collapsed hamper into a sled...and it was! Emily LOVED pulling her sister around the living room (sometimes close to NASCAR speeds) and Allison enjoyed equally as well. They really play well together now and can entertain each other for quite a while, which is nice. We do have to make sure Emily is not going to hurt her sister because she likes to pretend like she's one of her baby dolls and drag her around. Thankfully Alli is pretty laid back. Here are some pics of the fun:
Alli holding on for dear life ;)
The long stretch...the hallway

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tyler Christmas Parade

Last night we decided to make the cold trip to the Tyler Christmas Parade downtown.  It was COLD!  I was surprised it didn't bother Alli any more than it did.  She just hung out in her stroller and barely made a sound.  Here are some pics from our outing:

Sweet girlies

Cold little Alli

Mommy and Emmy

I gave up my gloves because we forgot Emmy's

OK, if you want your kids to believe in Santa, WHY would the parade allow more than one Santa?  This was the first of three I think.  How do we explain that one?!?

The Putt-Putt golf ball...we thought it looked like a giant meatball

A cold little Emmy girl

Daddy & Alli

The REAL Santa at the end of the parade