Friday, February 5, 2010

Bitter Family Scrabble Night

On my way home from work today my sweet sister-in-law, Kathryn, texted me and we decided to go hang out at their house and order pizza...even though none of us needed the calories because everyone in the house over 5 years old is on a diet right now.  Oh well, we needed the fuel for the intense scrabble game.  Well, I didn't play because I would have been an embarrassment to my hubby who HAS to win at everything.

This little angel cheered on her mommy and daddy while they played.

Alli eating a baby carrot...this was the appetizer to try to make everyone feel a LITTLE better about the calories that were about to be consumed.
Emily is pretty much oblivious to anything or anyone else when her Uncle Luke is around.  They are so cute together!
Here's Alli with her pizza sauce mustache (yes, she did it all by herself)...we were dying laughing!
Em and Aunt Rachel (who hasn't updated her blog in almost a year...hint hint)
Rachel and the attack kisses
Grandma and sweet Madelyn
Emily posing as usual
Maddie just chilling in her swing
Mama and Madelyn
Playing peek-a-boo with her mommy
For those of you wondering about the game, Jarrod won both...of course.  It was a lot of fun...and we got to hang out with Madelyn which is always great!


Anonymous said...

great pics, it was fun to see all of you together.

Randi said...

Your family is so fun!

1. I LOVE Maddie's game face. Too bad it didn't help her parents out!
2. You are great at Scrabble or I really, really suck.
3. I'm glad to see someone else in the world is sporting an original iPhone. Doesn't make me feel so alone to be on the slowest phone and network known to man. ;)