Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Little Belle Babe

Last Saturday, Emily attended the TJC Apache Belle Babes Clinic and they got to perform at the basketball game that evening.  She had SOOOO much fun dancing and hanging out with the big Belles, and I was very impressed with her performance!  She rocked it!!  Here are some pics from Saturday and a video of her performance.
My little Belle Babe
Camden Chilek (Jennifer's daughter) and Emily
Emily and one of the belles she really liked

Jacqueline and Emily with one of the belle girls
J and Em skipping and singing "Little Sally Walker"
Emily and her Belle.
The performance.

Here's the video of their performance!


Jeze said...

Oh my word, she is so stinkin' cute! What a fun experience.

One Crazy Mama said...

Marlo, I love reading about your family. Your girls are darling. Amy