Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for a Feast!

Today was Emily's Thanksgiving Feast at Green Acres EEC. It started with some tears and ended with some tears because she gets kind of weird when I come to her school parties. She wanted me to sit beside her, but since there's not room at the lunch table, and they are miniature tables, that was not an the tears started flowing! She got over it pretty quick...Here she is stuffing herself with one of her helpings of macaroni and cheese

Gobbling up some green beans
What an awesome feast...ham, green beans, macaroni, a roll, applesauce and milk...what more could a 5-year old want!
Pretty sure this is her second serving of macaroni and cheese...she is her mother's child for sure!! I am a total carb addict!

This is Emily's awesome teacher, Mrs. Tawana. She is WONDERFUL, like all the teachers have been at Green Acres EEC!
Mommy and, I love this girl!

Emily and her sweet friend, Lorelai

Every year at her school, they are either Pilgrims or Indians...and this year, obviously they were the Indians. I'm kind of sad that this will be her last feast at Green Acres!

The tears started again when it was time for me to go back to work, but we had a little chat about it and I explained that it already makes Mommy sad to leave, and when she throws a fit, it makes me sadder. She realized that she didn't want to do that and promised that she would be better at her Christmas party in December. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are headed to the ranch for our annual trip and we are so excited!

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