Monday, November 9, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Jarrod and I are sitting here right now in total peace and quiet, which is a rarity in our house. A typical evening for us includes multiple meltdowns from Emily (usually because she didn't get something exactly the way she wanted it and when she wanted it), a few little fits from Alli (because her sissy is dragging her, holding her down, tickling her, stealing a toy or something else to harass her) and both girls usually pester their daddy continuously. Don't know why they choose to pester him so much, but many times they are both crawling ALL over him.

Right now, Emily is in her room as happy as a little lark watching Arthur and I am sitting here holding a pitiful Alli. She has been passed out for about 2 hours now and it's so sad...but apparently she needs the sleep! Daycare called today because Alli had fever, so I picked her up and just to be completely safe (since we leave to go hunting Thursday) I took her to the doctor. I was worried that the fever might be caused by something I couldn't see, like her ear tubes being blocked or something. He said both tubes look great and her throat is great too, so it's probably just a little cold or teething. So, Alli and I will be hanging out at the house tomorrow (and I will be working as much as I possibly can so I don't get too behind before being gone on Friday). Hopefully I will just be hanging out with a fun little girl who is fever-free, but we will see.

On another note, Emily is getting SO big and so smart! She is learning so many sight words and knows how to write most all of her letters. She loves spelling words and asking "what does that spell mommy?". She just came in the living room and proudly proclaimed to her Daddy "I can do math!". He then tested her with a couple of basic addition problems and she got them correct. I can't believe what a smart big girl she is becoming! She definitely keeps us on our toes! Pretty soon we are going to have to stop spelling "secret" words out when we are around her! Ha!

Hope everyone has a great week! I know I am going to have an awesome weekend because we are going to the ranch to hunt for the first time this season. Woo Hoo!

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Jenna said...

ENJOY it while it lasts!!:) Hope Alli feels better and that you get a monster buck!