Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Tonight I am SO excited, because Jarrod and I are heading to what's probably our favorite place tomorrow after our family's ranch in Llano to deer hunt!  I know, most people are a little surprised to learn that I actually hunt.  And I actually got Jarrod interested in hunting when we started dating in high school.  Now, he is completely obsessed! 

We will miss our girlies so much, but they are going to have a blast with their grandparents over the weekend.  We are very excited to get away for a little time off.  I have to admit though, when I am down there, I sure do miss the internet, but I can still Facebook on my iPhone in most of the blinds!  I just know I am going to be completely worthless at work tomorrow because I will be itching to get out of town.  I wasn't quite as giddy last season because Alli was still so little and I had just killed a big 10-point the past year, so I kind of felt like he would he hard to top.  This year, I am pumped!  We definitely have to kill some deer this weekend because of a management program we are doing (mostly does), so if anyone wants some deer meat, let me know!

I am also really excited to use my new camera down there and try to take some cool pics.  I am just pumped...can you tell!

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