Thursday, September 17, 2009


I know, I know...I am a total blog slacker. As many of you know, I am rarely ever at a loss for words, but I will sit here and open up my blog window and think "what in the world can I write about that anyone would care about reading". The past month has been SO busy and I always think "I should blog about this or that" and then I get home, get on Facebook and waste the night away.

OK, so let's start at the beginning...On September 1, after 7 years at TK Gorman High School, Jarrod started a new job as Assistant Principal at Whitehouse High School. Although we miss the people at Gorman, so far he absolutely loves it at Whitehouse. We went on a little road trip with Emily to one of their football games in Sulphur Springs and even stopped to eat at my favorite place along the way...Cracker Barrel.

Almost forgot, the weekend before Jarrod started the new job, several of us gave my sister-in-law a baby shower and this is the cake I made for it.

On Labor Day I got something I had been wanting for a really long time, and it's something Jarrod really enjoys as well...a new digital SLR camera. We got the Canon Rebel T1i and absolutely LOVE it!
I know absolutely nothing about photography but I really want to learn and understand it...but this camera takes the best pictures, even in "dummy mode" as I call it. Jarrod spotted this little tree frog by our garage door one night and I decided to test out the new camera on him. After some cropping (thanks to 15.1 megapixels) and a little color enhancement, voila...

On September 11, Emily had her first slumber party with 2 sweet friends from school, Emma and Lorelai and they had a blast! It was Emma's birthday party and her mom told me the girls stopped giggling at midnight and then they were up giggling again at 6 a.m. They got to sleep in a tent in the living room so they had a blast! When I picked Emily up, we had to go to Wal-Mart to get groceries and she actually fell asleep riding in the buggy. Everyone that passed us was cracking up at her.

On September 13th, we celebrated Allison's first birthday with cake, ice cream and presents. This is the cake I made for Alli's birthday and Alli once she was done with it. She is such an awesome little girl...I just can't believe it's been a whole year since she was born! We are so blessed to have two wonderful little girlies!

I currently have two more cakes in the oven for Emily's birthday party. After this, my cake decorating supplies are going away for a little while. Jarrod just LOVES the messes that I make in our small kitchen when I decorate cakes. I will admit, clean up is definitely not the fun part of cake decorating, but it is so fun to see everyone's face when they see a cool cake you have made.

I am really going to try to blog AT LEAST weekly, but I will shoot for blogging daily. Lord knows I spend enough time on the computer, I just need to use it blogging sometimes. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


Kathryn said...

Ok...this is the last time I am going to say this (until I see it in action again of course)...I am still trying to overcome my jealous feelings about this new camera of yours. It may take some time though!

Thanks for updating! I always need good reading material for my sleepless nights!

Liz said...

Marlo--I didn't know your hubby was the new asst principal at WHS. We live just almost next door to the HS (our neighborhood shares the property line w/ the HS). And our oldest will be at the HS next year!