Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Weekend

OK, so I'm on a roll...2 blog entries in 2 days. We'll see how long this lasts! Ha! We had a really busy weekend with Emily's birthday party, a going away party for Jarrod with some of his favorite people from TK Gorman, soccer practice and we were also supposed to have a soccer game on Saturday morning but the fields were too wet...which was a bit of a relief. I swear, I am so bad...I enroll my kid in sports and then I am super excited when the games are canceled...what is wrong with this picture!

We did Emily's 5th birthday party at Double Dave's this year and the kids got to make their own pizzas. It was a HUGE hit! All the kids had a BLAST playing games and making their pizza. I think we have had one of her birthday parties pretty much everywhere in Tyler now, so next year should be a challenge. Maybe next year I might finally be prepared for a small slumber party. Did I really just say that??? I still cannot believe my sweet baby girl is about to be 5-years old. She is such a smart, sweet, funny little girl that keeps her mommy and daddy on their toes...constantly! She is going to get a pretty cool gift for her birthday this year...a baby cousin! We are SO excited to meet Madelyn Kate Bilberry on Thursday morning!

Emily's Hello Kitty cake that I made for turned out WAY bigger than I thought. Jarrod seemed to think that Hello Kitty looked more like Stuart Little...
I guess he has a point...what do y'all think??

Making her pizza

Our crazy girlie

Saturday night, some parents from Gorman threw Jarrod a going away party and it was so much fun. Jarrod spent 7 years at TK Gorman and it was a very tough decision to leave such a wonderful environment. The people there are awesome and we miss them a ton, but we plan to keep in touch. It's so neat to see what a huge impact my awesome hubby has had on so many lives. I can't tell you how many people thanked him for everything he did for their sons or mom actually got teared up talking to me about what a huge influence he had on her son's life so far. It makes me very proud to be married to such a great guy! He is loving his new job at Whitehouse High School so far, and we are looking forward to getting to know all the people out there as the year goes on.

On Sunday we had soccer practice and Jarrod took Emmy. Alli and I decided to stop by and check things out too and she had so much fun walking around in the grass with all the big girls. This little girl cracks us up!

She is getting so fact, we got to turn her car seat around so she faces forward now since she is a year old and 20 lbs. She is really enjoying getting to see everything!

"Hello world!"

Alli had had 12-month check-up this afternoon and she is tall and skinny like her sissy. I am not really sure how that happened because the child is like a human garbage disposal. I mean really, we have to just stop feeding her because we get tired of sitting there. She could literally sit there and eat for hours I think! She likes pretty much anything, but can eat a whole banana in like 15 seconds...I am not kidding! She is in the 98th percentile for length and 51st percentile for weight...and her head circumference was off the chart as well so that's supposed to mean she's smart :) She got 4 shots, but did great. She got over it pretty quick and just seems really tired tonight. And there she is...crying in her crib. On that note, everyone have a great evening and good rest of the week!


Kathryn said...

Alli looks so cute in her forward facing car seat!! Yay for blogging 2 days in a row!

Jenna said...

Your girls are so cute! Looks like Emily had a great birthday! You are going to have to tell me how this 2 kids with birthdays in the same month works...Kaden and Kolson have birthdays 6 days apart! Hope you are doing well and hopefully we will see you on Thursday...can't wait to see Maddie!