Sunday, March 21, 2010

18 months old

I can hardly believe my sweet baby girl, Allison, is 18 months old!  She is such a lovable, happy, funny little girl...and she has the BEST big sister in the universe! Here are both my sweet girlies in the hospital after Alli was born.
 Alli had her 18-month check-up this week and she has stats similar to her sister when she was that age.  She weighs 23 lbs. and is 33.2 inches tall...well, thereabout...poor Christina had to measure her while she was flopping around.  She is in the 31% for her weight and 89% for she's really tall and skinny.  She is such a happy girl and LOVES to eat, even though you can't tell! Here she is eating a cookie last week.

Her head circumference was off the chart, so she's got brains like her sissy too.  She has 12 teeth right now and has recently discovered ranch she loves dipping everything in ranch, even her paci!  She is super friendly and says "Hiiii" to everyone she passes by in stores (in the same East Texas accent her mama has). She is an absolute joy to be around and can put a smile on our face instantly!

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April Roycroft said...

Your girls are beautiful!!!