Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pilot to be???

We have had a fun weekend! We hung out with Jarrod's family from Oklahoma City, had a great dinner with Trent and Rachael, and probably the most exciting thing...went flying in an airplane with my dad's friend, Lin. Emily has been telling me for the past couple of weeks that she wanted to fly in an airplane. I explained that we would go on a trip one day and fly on a plane, but that flying was expensive and not something you can do often. I was telling my dad about her request and he arranged for Emily to go for a plane ride with Mr. Lin! Thanks Paw-Paw! She was super-excited about it, then kind of got nervous and unsure once she found out that it would be loud and bumpy. Even on the way to the airport, she kept reiterating, "I am not going to fly, I just want to sit in the plane." I told her that was fine, but not to make up her mind until she gets there and can check things out. She got in the plane and we taxied around the airport for a while and then got out to rest.

This is when we were taxiing around and Emmy was steering.
This is when she was deciding whether to fly or not.

After a little convincing and a promise that she could sit on Mommy's lap, she decided that it would be fun to fly.

She was ready to go!

I have to admit, it did freak me out a little bit when Lin said that she was REALLY steering the plane! Of course, he also had a steering wheel and could correct if she did anything crazy.

This was our view right after we took off...Lake Palestine!

Jarrod was playing golf at Eagle's Bluff and we flew over them and circled a little so Emily could wave (Jarrod and I were texting so I knew what hole they were on). We also flew over Albert's house and waved at him! It was pretty cool to get to do that! Thanks again Paw-Paw! Now to make Mr. Lin a special treat to say thank you!

The crew after our flight

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Kathryn said...

I love the pictures!! But...I need more updates!! :) Thanks again for dinner!