Saturday, August 1, 2009

Funnies and Not So Funny

Our girls keep us laughing a bunch these days...These are just some funny things that have happened so far this weekend...I thought I would share:

Yesterday when I went to pick Emily up from my parents' house, she was invited to have a sleepover instead after much begging. I then asked her "Emily, why do you like Nana's house so much better than ours? Is it because we make you clean up your toys and stuff and you can just leave everything out here?" She immediately replied, "Yes, and Rhonda will clean it up for me!!" She has this thing lately with calling us all by our first names, so when she blurted that out, we immediately died laughing...#1 because it is 100% true, and #2 because she called her Rhonda and not Nana. She's a mess!

This morning I woke up about 7:30 because Alli was crying about the load that was in her diaper. I went to get her, changed the monstrous poo, then took her back to bed with me to see if we could both sleep a little that soft bald head is SO fun to snuggle with! She was a little restless and finally laid down where her mouth was on my arm. Then she started blowing raspberries (her favorite thing to do now) on me and I died laughing...which then made her laugh more. She just kept doing it and I kept laughing...what a great way to wake up on a Saturday morning!!

One thing that was not funny this weekend: Jarrod went over to a buddy's house last night to have a little guy get-together before his friend has a baby in about a month. He was preparing a slab of ribs to cook today and was cutting a layer of fat off with a butter knife. He managed to slice his finger open pretty bad and probably needed stitches last night, but they just bandaged it up. So when he wakes up this morning he tells me that he thinks he needs stitches...then he takes the bandage off (athletic tape...which was lovely!) and it starts bleeding again and looks pretty bad. His mom came over to check it out and see if it looked like it needed to be stitched up, but because it had been so long since he cut it, stitches wouldn't have been the best option because it could seal in any infection if there was they got it all cleaned up and bandaged again. It takes real talent to slice your finger open THAT deep with a BUTTER knife! Way to go babe!

I'm sure we will have some more stories before the weekend is over.

P.S. Alli is standing on her own now, but a little unsure about taking a step without holding on to something. It's coming soon though! Yikes!!

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