Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog newbie

So I finally decided to start a blog. I figure this will be easier than maintaining both the girls' babysites and we can share stories and pics this way. I love reading all my friends' blogs so I guess it can't hurt to share our boring lives with everyone as well. Please bear with me as I learn all the ins and outs of blogging.

Lately our lives have been really busy with Jarrod's baseball season and Emily starting soccer this spring. In the first couple of soccer games, Emily had quite a few melt-downs so I wondered if sports would be her thing. She also takes dance at school, so I am curious to see which route she will take. Anyway, the last soccer game went really well...much different than the first two. She played really well and only cried once because she got knocked down pretty hard. It was a really good game and we are so proud of our little Ladybug! We are thinking about possibly playing t-ball this summer with Green Acres so we got her a pink glove tonight at Academy. What did we ever do without that store here in Tyler?!?! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

Our little Ladybug

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