Monday, June 8, 2009

Emily's Wish

Yesterday evening, we were hanging out in the backyard practicing t-ball and just relaxing. Jarrod started moving a little pile of wood to another spot in the yard and saw a lizard so he got Emily all excited about it. I'm glad she likes lizards and frogs and stuff, because he claims that I have made her deathly afraid of bugs. Anyway, the lizard ran away but they spotted him again and Emily got a good look. After that, she found a dandelion in the yard, so she picked it and blew on it while closing her eyes and making a wish. It was too cute! I asked her what her wish was, and she proudly said "That I will see another lizard!". It made me laugh! She got to see her little frog that she has named "Allen" after the lizard, so she was excited about that. Really, she thinks EVERY frog we see outside is named Allen so we just play along with her. I'm sure the real Allen is long gone by now! Hope everyone is having a good start to the summer!

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